US Deputy Ambassador praises highly the work of GAP Institute and other civil society organizations about the engagement in the fight against corruption


GAP Institute, as a member of the NGO Coalition "Anti-Corruption Week 2017" in December organized the "Anti-Corruption Week" supported by the US Embassy in Kosovo. GAP Institute had two public appearances during this week. At the round table, held on December 4, 2017, GAP presented the analysis on the monopoly in vehicle homologation and public debt forgiveness, while on December 8, 2017, GAP presented the guide on subsidy criteria at the Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Public Finance.

Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America (USA) to Pristina, MS. Collen Hyland, highly praised the work of the GAP Institute and other civil society organizations in Kosovo, regarding the engagement in the fight against corruption in Kosovo. In her speech at the opening of "TechCamp: Fighting Corruption in the Balkans" Hyland stressed that civil society is doing a tremendous job within the commitment to combat this phenomenon. "Civil society organizations like the IKD and GAP Institute are doing a tremendous job not only to draw attention to corruption, but also to facilitate dialogue and debate that will lead to real choice. Civil society groups have held public discussions on issues such as monopolies, the process of vehicle certification and the sale of academic works. Through such events, you keep responsible public officials on a number of issues that hamper economic and democratic growth in Kosovo. For civil society representatives and NGOs, you can keep the Government feet in the fire, "said Ms. Hyland.