As recommended by GAP Institute - Kosovo government revokes illegal decision to forgive debts for bottled water producers


Following the public reaction of GAP Institute, GLPS and INDEP, the Government of Kosovo revoked the decision of 3rd of October 2017 by which it forgave the debts and obligations that bottled water producers owed to the budget of the Republic of Kosovo since 2008.

GAP Institute, together with GLPS and INDEP, objected to the decision to forgive water producers debts by considering it procedurally unlawful, unfair, detrimental to the water sector and the Kosovo budget. Based on the arguments provided, this decision violated the Kosovo Constitution, Law on Waters of Kosovo and was taken in the absence of transparency. Taking into account all these arguments, it was requested that the decision to forgive debts of bottled water producers should be revoked.

Also, our recommendation is to balance the needs of both: the public sector and water producers, by providing incentives which are legal and transparent. After the annulment of the decision to relief debts, the Office of the Prime Minister will draft an administrative instruction on incentives provided to water producers. Taking into account the requirements of the Regulation on minimum standards for public consultation process, in line with our recommendation, this draft administrative instruction should be available for public discussion.