Mayors progress in fulfilling promises


GAP Institute published in electronic platform “Municipal ID” the progress of mayors in fulfilling promises given in the last local elections in 2017. The platform is refreshed with data on the first half of 2019.

Over 900 promises that were given in 26 municipalities, until June 2019, 248 promises were fulfilled, 110 promises were partially fulfilled, 339 promises there were initiatives in their fulfillment, whereas in 205 promises there was no progress at all.

Contrary to the last six months of 2018, which marked a positive trend in fulfilled promises in the field of education, in the first six months of 2019 there was less work done in this field. Of 26 municipalities that are under GAP Institute monitoring, 126 promises were made in the field of education, and only 24 promises were fulfilled.

The largest number of fulfilled promises were made in the field of infrastructure, agriculture and public services. While in the field of education, economy, healthcare and urbanism there was less work done.

GAP Institute monitors the fulfillment of promises in only 26 as some of the current mayors conducted no electoral campaigns. Municipalities like Skenderaj, Mamusha and the ten municipalities with Serb majority did not disclose any election program and did not provide concrete promises.

Through the assessment of electoral promises, GAP Institute aims to hold mayors accountable on promises made. The assessment of promises is conducted periodically, in cooperation with local organizations.

For details on promises made, please visit the electronic platform of GAP Institute, by clicking on the following link: