Government’s decisions in 2021 from a sectorial, gender and budget allocation perspective


Today, GAP Institute published a new report entitled “Government’s decisions in 2021 from a sectorial, gender and budget allocation perspective.”

The purpose of this report is to analyze the decisions of the Kurti Government from the beginning of his term in March 2021 until the end of 2021. This report shows the government decisions according to ministries in charge of them as well as according to sectors/fields.

In 2021, Kurti’s government cabinet held 53 meetings and approved 486 decisions. The largest number of decisions, by implementing institution, belongs to the Office of the Prime Minister, with 124 decisions. The Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers comes second with a total of 97 decisions, followed by the Ministry of Health with 54 decisions.

In terms of sectors, 21, 8% were in the area of governance. A large number of decisions were in the areas attributed to the pandemic management, namely: 8.2% for pandemic management, 6.2% for public health and social protection, and 4.9% for economic recovery. Another category with a high number of decisions was rule of law, with 7.6%.

In terms of gender, from the data collected from these decisions it is noticed that there is a progress in women’s representation in leadership positions. Specifically, 89 officials have been appointed through these decisions, of which 35 (39.3%) are women and 54 (60.7%) men. By position, 44.7% of women were appointed as board members, 35.1% as committee members, and 33.3% as general secretaries.

Furthermore, this report also includes a statistical summary of the implementation of the Government Legislative Program 2021, as well as budget allocations during this period, based on government decisions.

To read the full report please click here.


The analysis in Serbian language is available in printed form. 


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