2022 Municipal Budget Transparency Index


GAP Institute published the report "Municipal Budget Transparency Index 2022". This report presents the seventh assessment by the GAP Institute on the budgetary transparency of municipalities in Kosovo. The assessment is based on the number of published budget documents, the organization of budget hearings with citizens and responds to the requests of the GAP Institute for access to budget documents.

In the 2022 Index, the budget transparency of the municipalities reached its highest level since the first publication of the index, with an average score of 62.8 points. Out of a total of 100 in the assessment, 28 municipalities (73.7%) scored more than 50 points. Seven municipalities achieved the maximum score of 100 points for the year 2022: Drenas, Klina, Lipjan, Mitrovica South, Prizren, Rahovec, and Suhareka.

As a result of the increase in the number of published budget-related documents, budget hearings held, and the improvement of the document publication format, 25 municipalities have shown improvement in their score, four municipalities have deteriorated, while the other municipalities have maintained their previous year’s score. The municipalities of Skanderaj (42.5 points), Prizren (32.5 points), Vushtrri (31.5 points), Drenas (30 points), Klina (30 points), and Podujeva (30 points) have recorded the greatest improvement in terms of scores in the 2022 Index.  On the other hand, the biggest drop in rankings for 2022 was experienced by Kacanik (-14 positions), Obiliq (-10 positions), Gracanica (-10 positions), Gjilan (-9 positions), and Malisheva (-8 positions). On the other hand, the 2022 ranking deteriorated for Kaçanik (-14 positions), Obiliq (-10 positions), Graçanica (-10 positions), Gjilan (-9 positions), and Malisheva (-7 positions).

Throughout 2022, municipalities have collectively published 258 budget-related documents Out of the 38 municipalities, only 15 of them have published all the budget-related documents they are required to publish according to the Administrative Instruction of Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) on budget transparency in municipalities. In addition, municipalities made great improvements in the publication of gender-responsive budgeting, with a total of 22 municipalities (ten more than the previous year) publishing such documents on their websites or delivering such important budget-related documents by request.

You can read the full report by clicking HERE.

Visual data can be found on the platform: MUNICIPAL BUDGET TRANSPARENCY INDEX.